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Our Story

Individual choices are affected by socioeconomic factors, which are an important aspect of environmental sustainability. Fast food tends to be more easily accessible and the low prices characterizing these items makes it an easy choice for those who don’t have the money or time to afford healthier options.  

Environmental issues are directly related to inequality and social justice concerns. Therefore, community empowerment strategies should be put in practice in order to address more effectively these matters. Toronto Black Farmers and Food Growers Collective seeks to foster sustainable community development by improving community lead initiatives and supporting local farmers and products. 



Jacqueline has spent several years as a raw food chef, as well as working in the food industry as a mainstream chef. She has held several workshops at FoodShare Toronto, in the Jane and Finch area, and several other African and diverse communities. Jacqueline has also led several workshops to encourage us to use nut seeds and tuber milks.
Noel Livingston

Noel is an urban farmer/musician/food agro processor. Creating byproducts from the produce that we grow. He is also a health and wellness coach, which is the lifestyle that he shares with his community. Is avid about community development, food policy, food justice and the continued growth of a healthy African family and community initiative. 
Jacqueline Dawyer

Jacqueline is a passionate community organizer/farmer. Her mission is to grow ''clean'' food. She wants to see al generations of people within the African diaspora realize affordable foods create food sustainability, and create stronger sense of community. Jacqueline loves to hold sprout workshops, as well as sharing her knowledge around food justice.
Opal Sparks

Opal acts as the Administrator of the Collective. She grows food in containers and helps with seedling preparation.